The first private dog owners club in Europe

Come and hang out at our playground, shop for your doggo's favorite snacks or join our weekly group activities.

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All our locations offer exclusive activities each week. Spend quality time with your dog and meet other members in an inspiring setting.

  • Paint your best friend, Bob Ross style

  • High quality cooking for your dog, with G. Ramsey

  • Running track and gymtime with D. Johnson

Whatever you need. We got you

Our online and local stores offer everything you need for your dog. High quality products for wholesale prices.

  • Fresh and frozen food

  • Home accessories

  • Outdoor gear and equipment

"What an amazing idea. My labradoodle Boris (not Johnson) will love this!"

John from London

"There isn't anything like this around the place where Chicolina and I live. Can't wait til this location opens."

Jane from Amsterdam

"I love the goal of bringing dog owners and their dogs together. Can't wait to go to dance class!"

Joan from Paris

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